Friday, June 26, 2009

Awaiting the Day

Dear Readers,

It is almost my Birthday, which means that I will soon be 21. How strange is that? It feels like it wasn't long ago that I was tiny enough for my brother to pick me up and swing me onto his shoulders. The image of him trying that now is quite amusing. Take a moment. Enjoy.

I will hopefully get a hold of some pictures of the festivities once they occur and will upload them here. Because I have no internet access at my house it will take some time for things to be added here. The computer I use at work say the least. To write this I must first write the sentences and then wait a minute for the words to show up on the screen, letter by letter. It's alright though. I don't mind the wait... most of the time.

I hope you are all enjoying June. Crazy that it is almost done since it only just started. Time is wild.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Reaching My Peak

Dear Biological Clock,

Please take a moment to stop yelling at me.

I am only 20, and technically that means my peak time of fertility is in a year or two. Seriously though, bio clock? You need to keep up with the times. Your insistence on being caught up in the ways of back-in-the-day is becoming quite aggravating. If you had your way girls would be getting married at the age of 12 again.



P.S. Marlo Iris Armstrong, why must you be SO adorable!